Bay Gross

Oregon  •  NYC
Interested in good technology, high-growth operations, and meaningful social change.

  • Work

    Co-founder at Cityblock Health.

    Cityblock is a new kind of healthcare provider and technology company, based out of Brooklyn. Started in the fall of 2017, we have quickly grown to 900+ employees serving tens of thousands of members across the Northeast. Our focus is on medically complex and socially underserved Medicaid populations, and our doctors and nurses deliver a home-based intensive primary care model with integrated behavioral health, substance abuse counseling, and social benefits coordination (think: housing support, legal support).

    It's a fascinating and operationally complex business, and we have been building out an in-house Engineering team from day one, with early teammates hailing from Google, Facebook, Artsy, Uber, Knewton, Compass, Oscar, and Squarespace.

    Cityblock is backed by $850M in venture capital and is growing quickly.
    You can learn more about our open careers here. 👈

  • Previously
    > Product & Incubation at Sidewalk Labs
    > Venture Investing at Thrive Capital
    > Product Management at Google (NYC, Bangalore) and YouTube (Zurich).
  • Education
    > Computer Science at Yale
  • Code
    > [R, SQL, Ruby/Rails, Python, JS]
    > Side Projects 👨‍💻
  • What I am reading

    Books and reviews on: Goodreads 📚
    Healthcare substack guild: OlearyKM, Out Of Pocket, Olivia Webb, E&O
    Tech, policy, finance, & media: MoneyStuff, KwokChain, Stratechery, Oversharing, SSC, Paul Graham, Applied Divinity Studies, Eugene Wei, Colossus
  • Interests
    Healthcare Innovation, Mental Health + Cognitive Science, Data Visualization, Generative Art, Urbanization, Productivity Tooling, and Digital Privacy/Security.
  • Contact
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